Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yarn - Old and News

Not much time this week for tech stuff, as I've had two releases to coordinate in two weeks. Phew! Five working days between releases just isn't enough. Still, it was needed and it was done.
Big worries in the southern states of the US - and New York - about the swine flu outbreak in Mexico. In Mexico about 80 people have died - mostly young adults - whereas there seems to be a milder form that's infecting children here in the US. So far nobody has got really sick or died here in the US. Mexico City, OTOH, seems to be under virtual lockdown, with schools and most restaurants ordered closed. In addition, people have been urged to avoid hospitals! One or two cases may have occurred in London now. For an FAQ about Swine flu, see here, and you can also look at the WHO site for information.
Yarn Matters
Firstly, KnittyKnotty; 117 Haddon Avenue, Westmont, NJ 08108. From the mouth of the proprietress, with whom I spoke this afternoon, KK will be holding sale until close of business on Saturday, May 2nd. Thereafter it will remodel and reopen focussed not on retail yarn sales but on crafts, classes, product, and patterns. The re-opening date has yet to be announced. For details please see their website.

At the time of writing, there is lots of Noro, Plymouth Galway, and Auracania yarns, shop samples, straight & double-point needles. My Better Half and I wish her well in this metamorphosis.

Woolgathering in Kennett Square, PA
This is a delightful little shop jam-packed with wool and buttons and needles and things. As you can see, there are plenty of "donors" taking the sun in the window!

I'm also firmly instructed not to omit mention of their smallest "customer", who can be seen here contemplating the possibilities of using circular needles!

From within the shop, here's a whole wall of Noro (I really like socks made from Noro yarns!)

To finish with at Woolgathering, here's a basket of stuff just begging to be made into socks. Brilliant colours.

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