Thursday, September 27, 2007

Variety is the Spice of Life

I was rather taken by Rita Tseng's drawing of such fun-loving sheep1. You'll find them cavorting on GoEnglish.Com's site (I've forgotten what word I was looking for - sorry !), a good place to find word meanings, etc.

They conveniently lead to another subject - knitting. I've been learning rather a lot more than I ever expected to about knitting recently ! Totally aside from seeing the finished product in shops, as we all do every day, I've been introduced to raw wool, washed and dyed wools, roving, and hanks.

I've been re-introduced to the delights of turning a hank into a ball to knot from (much easier with a swift that when I had to stand in front of the fire on a winter's afternoon with my hands upraised like a priest and with a hank stretched between my wrists), and have discovered the tactile differences between wool blends with and without additions such as silk and nylon, etc. Some wools are specifically for making socks (and hand-knitted socks are lovely and soft to wear !), whereas others are for jerseys or sweaters or scarves or almost any other piece of apparel that you could imagine !

There's a huge community of knitters out there that also has a large intrusion into NetSpace and BlogSpace, amd many of them have a terrific sense of humour — good even for the "muggle" amongst them. Go here for a most unexpected link between knitting and rock !

1 - The cartoon is copyright Rita Tseng and and used with their kind permission. Please respect their copyright.

Wilfs of the Post

Well, I was wandering aimlessly around various sites, clicking links as the whim took me, and I came across a shop in Hovingham in Yorkshire. It's a very nice, well-designed, and informative site, and worth a read. It also has some good links, especially if you're anywhere in the area.

Finally, on a more serious note, if you're a VB programmer by chance, Beth Massi does a neat blog of VB stuff. She writes clearly and explains things well (I need that !). Well worth a read.

Have fun until the next time everybody.