Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sheep, Wool, ....... and Flu ... ?

So here we are, The Better Half and I, in Laurel, MD. Staying the night in a Super8 before heading out to this year's MD Sheep & Wool. Why Super8 ? Well, it was near, cheap, and we hadn't been to Laurel. The MD Hotel Guide entry looked good while TripAdvisor's entry was very mixed. We noted the dates on the user comments on Trip Advisor and chanced it. The renovation and new staff definitely are a change from the old comments. The main worry here, aside from the volume of traffic on the main road outside, is the danger from the school buses that use the car park to turn around in. I almost got nailed by one!

I was, I'll admit, tired last night, so I went to bed early and slept well. The Better Half came to bed sometime later. This morning I looked for the (old, white, cotton) socks I was wearing yesterday (to put them in the dirties bag - honest!) and couldn't find them. Eventually found them in the bed! Now, I never ever wear socks to bed, so this was puzzling until The Better Half admitted to having had chilly feet last night ... "and, well, your socks were just sitting there, on the chair, and they weren't doing anything, so I put them on".
Ok. Fine. Far be it from me to criticise her for that - aside from the fact that I wanted them this morning for padding around the room in before taking a shower, and the other small fact that she came well prepared for cold feet - with no fewer than four pair of self-knitted woollen socks for today ! I suppose all that Venus & Mars stuff might be right after all.

Swine and Influenza
In Mt Laurel, NJ, near where I live, there's a guy who went to Mexico recently, got the flu, came back, and gave it to his two school-aged children and a friend (not his wife, interestingly !). PhillyBurbs has a good release and article on the case, which includes a description of the symptoms. On the other hand, here in Laurel, MD, the council issued this, somewhat panicky, statement on Thursday, followed immediately on Friday by declaring closure of its elementary school because of its first “probable” case of a child with the H1N1 virus. (their quotes). Mt Laurel, NJ, OTOH, seems unfazed.

MD Sheep & Yarn today. It's 6.40 and, as soon as we escape from the clutches of the shower we'll be breakfasting and getting on the road for West Friendship. I'll blog from there when I have time.

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Tola said...

breakfast was awful. next year we stay at Marriott. and why are you whining about your socks?