Saturday, April 04, 2009

You don't Think That You're Getting Out Of Here - Do You ?

Yup. Well. The title kinda says it all. 3.30 we were back in the ward but by 4.00 The Better Half was in severe enough pain to be given 2 ml (I think) of morphine. Unfortunately, morphine just doesn't touch some pains in some people. ... and it took us until 6 pm to get the House Doctor and convince him that we really needed pain relief for The Better Half. 6 pm, pain killer administered, and The Better Half is getting some sleep.

More soon, but definitely no knitting appearances until Tuesday at the nearest.


bosslady said...

Are you still there??? Has Tola had the second surgery yet? When ae you going home? Mitzi

Michael Irwin said...

I'm sorry to have missed a few hours! I was just a little swamped on Sunday evening and at work on Monday until I got home and blogged. I promise it won't happen again!