Monday, April 13, 2009

A Saturday Morning in the Rain

We're pretty boring people, so yesterday we didn't really stir until about 11. I did a quick search for the desktop ASUS that I mentioned in a reply to a comment yesterday, and found a good picture - only a pure white one, tho'. Sorry! It's the only one I could find online. It certainly is "cute", as you Americans would say.

After some breakfast we went to a small yarn store in Moorestown, NJ, called The Needleworks Barn.

Like many things in Moorestown, it's actually down a little lane from the sign, and, as you can see from the next picture, it was raining quite hard when we got to it, and that it quite small. In fact, from the outside, one wonders if it really is the right place or if someone has crept in in the night and relabeled the sign and the shop.

Not to worry, though. This really is the place and is somewhat Tardis-like (find a Dr. Who fan!) in that the inside seems to be larger than the outside!

Inside, my wife zeroed in like some sort of homing missile on the stack of baby alpaca wool that was piled up in one corner, with more along one wall. One hank of the pink you can see in the middle was snaffled for making a "puff daddy" scarflet. My son The Offspring picked out a ball for the Step-Monster to use for his next pair of socks.

The store has quite a few pieces of store display that are also for purchase - I rather liked the line of scarves, each labeled with information on what you should buy (yarn, quantity, needles, and pattern) in order to make the scarf. Very useful help for beginners, and, in fact, we saw one young lady being helped with some problems she had while we were there.

The shop sells most lines of Plymouth Brand (from Bristol, PA, where the company has no storefront - it's wholesale only).
Below is the puff daddy scarf. It needs a "hair cut", but is finished - it took The Better Half about two hours to knit from the ball of baby alpaca (Plymouth, colour 8818) last
night while watching TV.

As a matter of curiosity, I wonder if readers could answer this question:

Many people are horrified at the suggested price of hard-knit socks. Would you consider paying, say, $40 for a scarf ? If you have thoughts, please comment.

More soon.

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