Monday, March 03, 2008

No News, Good News.

Well, the no news part is that there's still nothing from Fish about the possible tour here in the USA. On the other hand, this has emerged from Marillion's very own Lucy Jordache:

We are strongly looking at Montreal for a convention type event two weeks after our Dutch Convention next year. [ ... ] Certainly when we go on sale with the Holland convention we would announce this one too so you will have a choice.
I just can't wait to take off two whole weeks for Marillion!

The Adventure (4)

Just to round off some more of that series, we followed I-80 through Wyoming. Tola and I had shared the obligatory hot tub in the hotel after the wedding, but what we hadn't thought about was that Tola had a hang-nail on one finger and , while if was well on the way to being cured, was still showing some raw skin. That was on Friday night. We repacked the RV on Saturday and were well underway on Sunday, but when Tola woke in Evanston on Monday morning it was to a red, swollen, and painful finger.
Monday we spent driving the breadth of Wyoming - about 400 miles - in a brutal crosswind of about 40 mph. Remember; I was driving what is, basically, a Ford 450 with a large long sail attached! For about 80% of Wyoming I drove with the steering wheel angled at about 30 degrees to the right to counter that southerly wind.
400-odd miles later, however, it was late on Christmas Eve night and her finger was getting hotter, redder, and larger by the hour, so we pulled off at a township called Kimball to look for a doctor, saw some very welcome signs (above). We found the hospital and some wonderful people who looked at Tola and dutifully caled in the on-duty medical authority - the dentist ! What the heck, Dr. Jay did a great job of diagnosing the problem and prescribing what was needed. It was almost midnight on Christmas Eve, too late to go to midnight mass, so we pushed on to the next Flying J ! Next day we stopped in North Platte, NE, and got the prescription and eventually things started to get better.

Christmas night saw us driving through Omaha, NE, over the bridge into Iowa at Council Bluffs and on to the next Flying J! Basically, we'd found out niche (as Flying J customers) and were seriously regretting not having Frequent Fuellers cards. I think we skipped 2 or 3 between UT and PA, but no more than that - . I have to say here that Wyoming and Nebraska are hulking great wide states !