Tuesday, June 13, 2017

That Scenery Keeps Changing!

Wow, but does it ever!
Being a consultant certainly takes you places!
So far I was in Dearborn long enough to make friends with people and get to know the place. I even took the short route from there to Rochester for SQL Saturday by driving along the north coast of Lake Erie (the Canadian side) and back! Then the budget ran out and it was time to leave.

Of course we had just moved to where my wife's "sudden" family lives - Tacoma - and bought a little house, even! It's nice, although they might have thought of adding a few inches here and there (sometimes I go to bed with a headache!)

So we've been here almost a month and a half now, but I've actually been here about 12 days! I've worked in Montvale (NJ), Santa Monica, Beverley Hills, and Mountain View (all CA) since I came here! Still, I have to say that it's fun! My only regret is not seeing the friends I've built up over the last six or so years at all the East Coast SQL Saturday events. There are far fewer out here, and they're much farther apart. Anyhow, I've sent an email to the guy who seems to run the local chapter and we'll see.

There's no yummy food this post either, I'm afraid, as the kitchen looks like a down-sizer from the last place, which is going to be rather difficult. One thing I can recommend, though, is that if you find yourself in a Shari's diner, order the pie shake! It's a milk shake with pie blent in too! Yummy!!!