Thursday, April 02, 2009

The War Continues !

Welcome to the continuing story of The Better Half vs The Gall Bladder !
  • Yesterday afternoon The Gall Bladder struck ! It inflicted large amounts of Excruciating Pain and some waves of nausea. The Better Half survived, although battered and very unhappy. Support rallied at 5 (me), 6 (the hospital doctors), and at 7 (the home teachers).
  • Last night, the M weapon was used to blunt the atack and Tests were employed to confirm the analysis of the attack.
  • This morning further tests were made and strategy formulated.
  • This afternoon the strategy is going into effect. The Better Half has been prepped and is now in the Operating Theatre for the counter-attack (the plucking-out of the offending organ).
Stay tuned for more details as they happen.

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