Thursday, April 02, 2009

Oh! What a Wonderful War

Hi everyone. This one will be real short ! Yesterday seemed to be going "ok". The Better Half was at home, reducing the entropy of the planet, I was slaving over a hot terminal at work, helping the lot of those injured in auto accidents in NJ and other states, and the Offspring was doing his homework and looking forward to Daddy taking him out for dinner.

Such, as I'm sure you know, is a typical plan laid by mouse or man and, as I'm sure you've heard, the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley ("To a Mouse", Robert Burns). I got home last night to find The Better Half literally almost screaming in agony! Off to the hospital we go, thinking that she might have been poisoned. That magical word got us fairly rapid attention from the triage nurse, but luckily for naught. The reason for all the sudden agony appears to be gall stones and a blocked gall bladder. The word from this household is "don't get gall stones" ! The Better Half describes the pain as "considerably worse than childbirth".

So, several hours in the ER later, she's moved from the tender care of that department (thank you very much to J. and Dr. F. for all your care - you were great!), and we're now upstairs in the Acute Surgical Care Unit. Many thanks to nurse S. here - just beware of those bears !

I got to bed at about 3.30 this morning and was woken up at 7 to the news that The Better Half was going in to tests at 8. I managed to get out of bed, showered, and in to the hospital by 9 (I don't do mornings at short notice!) to find an empty bed! The Better Half was still in tests.

Since then she's back, had a foot rub and new clean (hand-knit) socks, and we got prayed over by a very nice man from the chaplain's department. Mention here to nurse J., who's being super-nice and helpful.

Slight interruption before closing this blog. We have just had a couple of visits from Dr. S.K., who examined further and confirmed all that Dr. F. opined last night. The Better Half is now on the "stand-by" list for the operating theatres here for today or, if not today, then definitely on the list for tomorrow.

We hope for today, of course, so that she can get to Woolbearers for KnitKnight tomorrow evening!

More later. Remember to be cautious around bears (they don't carry bar-code-readers).


jane said...

give tola my best. i went through this same thing. it's very painful. i hope they are able to remove it with lapsoscopic surgery - i went through a huge open surgery which i wouldn't wish on anyone! keep us posted!
jane (knitting - from haddonfield)

Michael Irwin said...

I will do, Jane. Keep reading the blog !