Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hurry up ! ......... and Wait !

So the Gall Bladder was removed. Nice one. However, there are still stones left to get. The Doctors will get them from the "other end". Not a problem, we understand. A short procedure. Easily explained. Could be done tonight, but probably tomorrow morning or midday.


That was Thursday afternoon.

This is Friday night. No procedure. A whole day lying around in bed doing very little indeed. 2 pm we were told "this afternoon" and "this guy is the best in the region for this procedure". By 8 pm that had changed to "leave for the Operating Theatre about 10 pm". At 9.30 that abruptly changed into a cancellation (current procedure likely to take up to 1 am). Schedule for first thing Saturday morning.

Personally, I think a notification when things started getting delayed would have been nice (we had to pry the info out of the system!). Also, if this procedure goes until 1 am, I think that "first thing Saturday" is too early for the surgeon to be well-rested.

We'll see.


Tola said...

im tired of being here.

Michael Irwin said...

no-one gets out .... well, maybe not the best reference !