Saturday, February 09, 2008

Your Inconstant Friend

As always, I have to start by apologising for not blogging more often - I'm just that kind of an overwhelmed person with too much to do in each 24 hours. And then more stuff (like tax season) comes alone :(
As some of you may know, I'm somewhat of a Fish fan, so when this emerged from his web site I was truly amazed !

The major surprise is that out of the blue I have been offered a 4 week North American tour in June. This will include the Nearfest festival and will take in a number of US cities, coast to coast, as well as three shows in Canada. This tour is looking very positive and Yatta is confident we can make it work. The dates are already going in the book and I will let you know more about the routing and other details once I get them in this coming week. It's the first tour over there in a very long time and we will need to call on every resource we have available to make it happen.

It is highly likely that Mexican dates will be added at the end of the North American tour.

So, if I'm very lucky, I'll be able to get to see one of my favourite artists. You should too - he's got a new CD out, his music's great, and he puts on a fantastic show.
Marillion have this to say on their site:
Marillion are back in the studio to finish writing and recording Album 15. Some early-to-mid-2008 festival dates are expected, but look for an extensive tour for the new album in the second half of 2008!
Since 1997, Marillion have changed their modus operandi and become much more "user-supported". Before then they relied on labels, but since what might easily have been the non-tour or the tour from hell, they're been releasing CDs on a pre-subscribe basis, so you pay now for a CD that'll be out in 6 months time. For that you get an extra disc, or your name on the sleeve, or something special. The record companies also see that it's a viable product and take it to distribute. Neat.

More later - I've got to go see some soccer