Monday, April 13, 2009

A Yarn Problem ?

Answer: "Knitty Knotty"
Question: Collingswood, NJ
It's a yarn shop, of course. We went there a few weeks ago (still catching up, y'see!). They have a blog too!

Here on the right is a neat idea - a ball of yarn composed of different lengths of different yarns .....
here's a rather wonderful scarf from it.

This (top, left) is Katia Nordic: a super chunky, ultra-soft, 100% pure wool yarn with color combos ranging from brights to subtle muteds. Made in Spain.

A nice friendly shop, we chatted, bought some yarn for a hat for The Better Half's DD, but found little sock yarn for The Better Half to lust over. Did we miss it? Very possibly. However, definitely well worth setting aside an hour to go and spend in there.

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