Thursday, August 29, 2013

Storage can be a Strange Thing

No, I don't mean the kids claiming that there are monsters under the bed when you know for an absolute certainty that there are only boxes of underwear and socks there. Oh! And the cat, so that's where they heard "the noise under the bed"! Am I Susan sto Helit to be chasing monsters with a broom?

Anyhow, after moving yet again earlier this year we have accumulated two storage units near where we used to live and another where we live now. A few weeks ago we intercepted some people clearing out their uncle's unit and grabbed the bookshelves that would otherwise have gone to Goodwill. So now the new storage looks like a library with a heap of boxes in the middle!

So, the Time of Consolidation is now upon us! I'm fed up of paying too much for all this, so I go in to get a small unit last Saturday and find that the unit next to ours is up for grabs! Bril! So now we have two big ones here ("New Storage") and a very big one and a small one there ("Old Storage").
Then on Monday the AG was in working in the units and I get a call.
"The lights are all out. The power's out"
"Where are you?"
"In Storage"
"New or Old?"
"Go down to the office and hang out there - they have windows and light. You won't be able to leave with the car because the locks are all electronic"
"Oh. Ok"
So I left a little early from work and went back to get her. And talk to the people in the office there too. Turns out that there really weren't any problems. Except the answer to one question:
"What do you do to get out after everyone has gone from the office in the evening?"
"Call the police"
Hmmmmm. The end result of that will be confusion and a large metal fence with people on the inside trying to get out and armed police on the outside. Scarily reminiscent of the Berlin Wall and various gaols in places like Texas! Hopefully the police don't end up threatening the trapped !