Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year to the others who led me into Blogging - at which I've been somewhat of a failure, but I promise to try harder !

Sarah Hague (St Bloggie de Riviérè). Sarah - you're the best !!
Colin Randall (salut). The most entertaining journalistic refugee.
Diane Rauscher-Kennedy (Art). I swear I'll save up enough for a stunning objét of yours soon !
Tola (FaeryKnits) (a.k.a. YesGirl). Also a good rep for the SCA.

There's a lot of others around who were a Good Influence on me this last year, I'm sure, and there were lots of good events to celebrate. Things like the successful launch of the Corot orbital telescope to hunt for planets around other stars. Things like the Powers The Be finally recognising that Global Warming in real (it would have been so nice if they'd actually started doing something about it 20 years ago, instead of waiting for the water to start lapping around their ankles !).

Best wishes to all who read this.


Tola said...

Happy New Year! (i cant believe you mentioned my name AND my DLBN nickname!)

Sarah said...

Hello. I've just seen your very kind plug and link! (Bit slow off the mark here...)

I'll let Diane know she has a mention too; she'll be delighted!

Happy blogging :)

Le Mike said...

thank you for your kind wishes, Sarah. Reading St Bloggie was what started me - I save up readingit until Saturday mornings with coffee and toast (no croissants here, drat it).

I really wish I was in France right now - even way up in thye smoggy Nord - and not here in NJ. Life would be so much more ... well, like life :)!!!

Diane said...

Hello there Mike, I got there a bit late too, but am so delighted that what I paint, you like! Be welcome to choose one when you's getting more and more dense - and I'm having such fun too. I'am so far down on you blog you just might never see my response, but thank you Mike!

Sarah taught me how to blog too, or at least to enjoyus other's blogs. It's now my treat before bedtime - Bloggie deSt. Fivière, Promo'Arts (our Assoc. for budding painters and helping others;;and that blog stas. Of course now it will be mike too.

Le Mike said...

Hi Diane! Wow ! I'm famous, but please don't tell me you actualy read what I have here - it's waaay to far below St. Bloggie in quality (moi ? je suis un amateur en mots pleins).

Thank you for your site, and all the other sites you link to. Paople like you and Sarah make wilfing fun, leaving little niches crammed with jewels for us to find on the Web.

Diane said...

Hi Mike
So glad you liked the photos - I've sent you a longer word on your mail box.

A bientôt, l'ami blogger

drk said...

Hi Mike:

Where are you?
Don't forget to go back on our site d'Assoc.....

You gave up, don't, some of us are thinking of yu!


Le Mike said...

Hi D ! Don't worry - I've been to the sites and seen the art. I haven't been forgetful at all. I'll get to blog again soon :)