Friday, December 28, 2007

The Adventure (2)

So I got to the house in this huge (30-foot long) RV to find all the boxes waiting for loading. We loaded and loaded until dinner-time and felt pretty tired

So we then went out to Deseret Books for some CDs and presents, and to YarnToday to talk to Tola's Stitch'n'Bitch group.

Here's Miste, who was adamant that I couldn't take anything but a horror-pic of her. I think that she's absolutely wrong, but then, I'm just a man, so what would I know about it !

After that we took in Walmart for some supplies and went back home and continued packing the wagon ! You just would not believe how much will fit into one of these trucks, and that's what we found out ... we didn't actually leave until about 2.30 on Friday afternoon ! Talk about being late !
Anyway, we finally got on the road and went north to Malad to get a marriage licence (thanks to Shirlee in the office there !) and then on to Rexburg to the marriage ceremony. 90 minutes late - sorry everyone !
We had a great reception - pictures to come ! - and then retired to the CottonTree Inn in Rexburg. Nice room, jetted tub, comfortable bed, etc.
Next morning we headed out to Tola's parents and she, I, and her brother Guy repacked the wagon so that we could actually get at the bed to sleep ! That took all day, meaning that we started off a whole day late, and haven't caught up at all.
Sunday we stopped off to see Tola's brother Josh in Idaho Falls. His wife Charity gave birth to a new son, Riley, on Wednesday.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

An Abrupt Change of Life

Well, I've gone and done it ! Here's the itinerary, just for those who consider masochism as a spectator sport:
Wednesday morning, 3.30 a.m.: I'm rung up by the taxi driver, asking to know where I am ! I tell him he's early - 24 hours early. No more sleep tonight :(
Thursday morning, 3.30 a.m.: I'm rung up by the taxi driver again. This time I tell him where to come to meet me and bring bags out. 4.30 sees me in line for a Southwest flight to Chicago Midway, and then to Salt Lake. Flight leaves at 7 a.m. On time ! Next flight leaves Midway at 9.25 on time ! These Southwest Airlines people are Good !
Thursday afternoon: take taxi to CruiseAmerica in Salt Lake. Got to see instruction video of how not to destroy an RV camper. In English, and then, for fun, in Dutch (well, waroom niet :) ? ). Do the walk-around and then get on the road. First instruction is to turn left on 4500, but not that it isn't marked in the direction I'm going ! I turn by doing a right-right-right-left around a 6000 block, go back the way I came, and find the road, nicely signposted (on this side of the light!).

Thursday afternoon was nice in Salt Lake City. By Ogden it was threateningly dark, and then, just as I bore right before Brigham City to go to Logan, the sleet began. 30 seconds later it was full-out snow and I was in that for the next 22 miles. Could see ploughs heading from Logan through Sardine Canyon, but none in front of us, so I just stayed behind the truck in front of me and hoped.

(this is the first of a catch-up: we're having breakfast in DesMoines right now, and the next one will be from Davenport or further east)