Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pictures from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, 2014 (3)

So here we are again .......... in the Barn of the colours and yarn ... !

And so we got to Susan's Fiber Shop
And this rather amazing piece, with the knitting in the middle and all the tassels, was on show at the Fiber Shop
Made by the lovely Esther, shown here in front of her work.

That's it for here ... I have lots more photos, but only a limited amount of time to do layout!
Blogger NEEDS a decent layout program!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday - with a Vengeance!

This post I'm going to be entirely self-indulgent. It's all about family. My family.
Left is my grandfather, Roy. He is dressed in the uniform of a lieutenant of the Royal Corps of Transport, about 1914. He was soon to fight in the Great War, emerging alive but wounded.
Right is my grandmother, Amy. Taken in 1921, the little girl is my mother, Kathleen.
After service in World War II in the W.R.A.F., my mother can be seen here indulging in a demob party with her friends in the Royal Air Force.
One of those friends, Doug, is seen here with his wife, Binnie, and my father, Joseph.This would have been in the early 1950s.
Here is a photo of the Blogger at the same age that his son now is!
And here's his dog (unfortunately the negative here has aged badly, colour-wise).

That's it!