Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Adventure (3)

Leaving Idaho Falls after lunchtime on Sunday we finally felt that we were "on our way", and started listening to the weather forecasts in earnest ! Lots of lovely cheer there - not ! Reports of giant pile-ups and many people dead in blizzards from Texas and Oklahoma north to Michigan. Were we really doing the right thing ?
We trundled south down I-15 in to Utah (passing our favourite ice cream truck-stop (stopping for ice cream and souvenirs, of course !) and on south towards Brigham City and Ogden (quick wave to Nana and Aggie in passing, but I guess they never noticed us in the gathering gloom of the evening !). Left (east) at Roy and onto I-84 to take us through the hills and out of Utah. Listening to the radio (we found that the CD player would play CDs if they were "warm" and then only about half-way - then it would just quit) we caught this absolutely hilarious LDS version of the 12 days of Christmas. It wasn't the one here (nor this one - also very good), and I'll try to track it down - it was from a radio station in eastern Utah and absolutely cracked us up.
Finally we merged onto I-80 East and so Sunday night saw us parked for the night in the Flying J truck-stop in Evanston, WY. Were we tired ? Oh yes (we thought) as we dragged the duvet over ourselves and fell asleep.