Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Few Pics of Philly

As you all doubtless know by now, we live just a few miles away from Philly. In fact, if you could guarantee me no police, then I could drive to the centre of the city in fifteen minutes! The Better Half's brother came to visit recently, so we went out into the city.

As you can see, brother L. may look skinny, but has huge reserves of The Force to draw upon when he needs to use it.

Then, after wandering around a bit, we went to the Comcast centre. Nice building, etc. Then they turned the TV wall on and showed us things - like although the moon isn't made of cheese, we'd never seen the door in the dark side. How come Ian Gilmore never told us about it ?

Now you have to realise that the Comcast Centre foyer is a pretty big, tall space. So, obviously, they have to have supports for some of the stuff, and struts are a natural. Equally natural is, I suppose, the tendency of people to take short-cuts.
You don't realise it at first, looking up, 'cos everything's a long way off and against a bright background, but ...

Some of these guys at Comcast are seriously krazee about taking the shortest path between two points (long live Euler!).

Anyhow, after a while we went out, wandered about, and found this little side-street to play with my son's newest toy (he calls it a Phaser and boy does it get hot)!

We really had to work hard to stop L. from taking pot-shots at William Penn. I think the local flic would have been seriously unhappy !

Finally, to end on a humourous note, just remember this the next time you get a Windows error message that makes no sense at all: even the big boys are not immune to the wrath of Uncle Bill and his minions!
Now you've seen this, wonder what they're doing to your money!

Oh yes, and by the way ..... for those interested in Paterson, NJ, you might also be interested in this Wikipedia article!

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