Sunday, May 08, 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool, 2011

This last week has been an utter killer in many ways, so the opportunity to walk in the fresh air and sunshine and look at beautiful colours was especially welcome. Therefore, the first weekend in May has been very welcome, as with it comes the annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Like last year, I've posted all the raw photos up on PhotoBucket, here. Please accept my apologies that some haven't been rotated, and others look a little weird (they're raw photos for panoramas that I hope I'll get up here very soon).

Anyhow, we got in around 7 am after a surprisingly early night, and went straight to the main barn and the Clover Hill store, as the AG needed to get some Three Irish Girls mini-skeins for a friend, and some of their full skeins for herself. In fact, we left leaving it all behind, because their card processing system wasn't up yet ..... but we got the yarn!

Next on the list was The Fold.
The Fold seems to be one of The Mystical Places for knitters visiting this festival. There is always a long line (about 50 people!) waiting for opening time, many with long shopping lists and the hope of getting maybe one or two items from their lists.

They have one of the best organised check-out systems in the whole event (and they need it!), and they're still backlogged half the time, trying to get people paid and away!

Meantime, the queue for the merchandise (t-shirts, etc., was reaching epic proportions!

Oh who would think a girl and lamb would be well accepted everywhere (ref Harry Nilsson & Simon Smith).

One can always be happily surprised at things you find at the Faire.

And we made it past all the crowds to Tess Designs, to find it utterly mobbed!

Of course, this is perfectly natural (I'm in love with her colours just like the AG is in love with the Three Irish Girls colourways).

 No Yarn Event is complete without Sheep Incognito!

And so to lunch (Lamburger courtesy of the scouts) and to the car to rest.
More later