Sunday, April 12, 2009

What we get up to on Tuesdays

Every Tuesday the Better Half and I drive about ten miles to the town of Haddonfield and join about 20-25 others in a wildly successful Stitch 'n' Bitch. I say "wildly" because it's been going for just on a year now and has over twenty regular members, and is still attracting more.

This (left) is a shot from last week, showing our Illustrious Leader giving a lot of thought to a knotty problem - or maybe whether to have another coffee or not! H and B are also in there.

Here we see The Better Half (right) with Broadway, The Lion in Lamb's Clothing, knitting a present for her Surgeon.
As you can see, she has The Baby Computer with her, to refer to Ravelry, of course, or check my blogs !

One of our newer additions are a pair of med students. Here's (soon-to-be-Dr) A., avoiding the gaze of her garter-scarf. It really is as good as it looks there!

There'll be more tomorrow - I hope - as we've been out visiting yarn shops again.

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