Saturday, April 04, 2009

Now Really Hurry Up !!

"Ok" says the nurse, "we're going for your test" to my Better Half. "What test would be?", ask I innocently, knowing fiull-well that The Better Half would be asking me for the use of a fire axe if the medics stuck her with any more needles! When I arrived this morning her IV was in a different place. Apparently the staff decided to move it in the night - it took 4 people and 2 hours to get it inserted into a vein again. No bad reflection on the staff or anything ... The Better Half just has EV - Evasive Veins !

The nurse rattles off a set of four letters, obviously in the expectation that I would understand just exactly what she meant. Remaining in "innocent" mode I asked her what that meant and whether it was a test or a procedure, as we had been waiting 24 hours for a procedure, not another test. "Procedure and Test are the same thing" she said, carefully avoiding eye-contact. "But what does it mean", I ask; " - the acronym". I get an evasive answer, along the lines of what it is, rather than what it's name is, which is what I asked. Oh well.

A few minutes later we're down on the ground floor and in radiography, which is where it's done, because of some dye used to enable the doctor to see what's going on. 3.15 and The Better Half has vanished, with the various offerings that, assuming all goes well, she may well be sleeping in her own bed tonight. That'll be nice!

For those interested, here's a good site for the gall bladder procedure.

... 15 mins later and she's out again. 3 stones lighter and able to go home tonight. Good for Dr. E. here!!

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