Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sheep & Wool 2010, Part Zero

Well, here we are at a friends' house in Sykesville, MD, about seven miles from the fairground. It took up quite a while to get here, for various reasons to do with the road systems (and blockages thereon) in New Jersey and Maryland.

For example, we started on 295 in NJ. Big mistake. Someone, somewhen, didn't build the road aright and so, this morning (of all mornings, naturally) the road decided to collapse into a sink-hole. Not a huge one, but just large enough to reduce a three-lane highway of moving traffic into a 5-mile stretch of hot, sweaty, and cursing frustration.

After getting past this blockage things went fine until we stopped at the Flying-J truck stop at the bottom of New Jersey, just before the Delaware Memorial bridge, to top off the tank. As we got to the top of the off-ramp we found another jam. Not a big one, this time, but caused by a car with police, a fire truck, and an ambulance in attendance. Seemingly the car had caught fire! We got past this and pulled in for fuel. The attendant started ours and went to see to another car: this was a woman in a red mini-van who had the window rolled up and was talking on the phone. Fine, but she wouldn't stop talking on the phone to roll down the window and tell the guy what she wanted! Slow sign language followed! She was still talking (illegally, in NJ) as she drove off!

Life got better for an hour or so, although we did see long long lines of cars moving slowly northwards, until we got to the exit for 695 off 95. Taking this was good, because there was a two-three-mile tailback from a crash that extended almost to the exit. 695 was better than that, but not by much in many places, so we were hot and sweaty when we arrived at our rest-house for the night.

In "payment" for putting us up for the night we took our hosts out to Beck's Bar & Grill in Sykesville. Nice bar, good food. I had seafood pasta and Tola had London Broil salad. Servings are big and the food is excellent.

Tomorrow the Sheep and the Wool!

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