Monday, May 03, 2010

Sheep & Wool 2010, Part Two

Ok. Well, we didn't go to Glen Rock yesterday after all. We didn't even go to Woolbearers! Instead, we went home in the hot weather, unpacked the car, luxuriated in the cool shower water, and crashed!

The one thing I didn't mention yesterday was that the train line at Sykesville really is used! We kind of thought that it was a once-a-week affair, but if it is, then that's at about 6.45 on Saturday mornings - of course!

Here come the pictures! First off, the early-morning pics of the Main Barn.
The first thing we saw was this display of woodwork. There are pens here, to be sure, but also almost anything you could imagine that's made even partly out of wood! The workmanship was gorgeous!
There were quite a few vendors selling soap made from sheep product, and this was one very attractive display.

OK! I admit it! I'm a colour and texture junkie! I hadn't seen this sort of thing done with felted wool except with Loden in Germany. Certainly never with these colours!
I could be wrong, but I think that these were called "The Looms you always Wanted"!

Ok! Now we got to CloverHill and the Three Irish Girls yarn displays. Here's the main display at just four minutes past eight am!.
The bunches of yarn on the top are the sets of mini-skeins shown in yesterday's blog
And finally a close-up of the main display two minutes later: you can see that some skeins are already gone!

The AG bought about six herself. Selection took about 3 minutes, but then there was a huge line waiting to pay (CloverHill was definitely a popular store, and they seemed to do a fair amount of restocking through the day). However, the line wound through the (double-stall) shop, so buyers didn't seem to get bored at all!

Opposite CloveHill was The Golden Ram, full of antique objects associated with sheep, as you can see.

Another great store, where we spent a while chatting, was Trawitz leathers. I think the AG fell in lust with several skins!

More in an hour or so!

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