Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sheep & Wool 2010, Part Five

These first five or so are all from Tess' Yarns. I still love her colour combinations and the way the colours blend and merge on the yarn skeins.

And the red / grey / black combination is good enough to show more than once.

After Tess, the AG had to go back to Cloverhill in the Main Barn, so off we staggered in the heat!

There was still some Three Irish Girls left on the tall upright display (left) (the shot to the right is the lower part of the display).

The other display, with the sets on skeins in different colours, had all gone, however, and were replaced at this stage with the Dragonfly Fiber yarn in the next two pictures.

And the last yarn here is Unique Sheep

If anyone has corrections, please tell me: if anyone wants the pictures then you can contact me on Facebook or Ravelry ("dcpking") and I'll send them all to you.

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