Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sheep & Wool 2010, Part Four

Well, it's 11 pm and cooling off, thank heavens! Almost time for news, and for me to post yet more pictures!

In Philadelphia there's a LYS called loop, on South Street.

Imagine our surprise to find this stall! They're from Gamerville, NY, and also called loop.

Next, after joining up with the Woolbearers gang (not shown - we were all way too hot to be pictured!) we hit Creatively Dyed Yarn.

Here are some more pictures:

And on the right is the pastel Hand Dyed Seacell yarn that we noticed last year.

Of course, wandering around, we fell under the hooves of Sheep Incognito, and spent a few minutes there.

I don't think that the wit can really be getting better by the year - it just seems that way, though!

Then, our final stop for this year, just like last year: Tess' Designer Yarns.

Yes, yes! I realise that I'm a guy and that guys aren't supposed to like pastel combinations - primary colours like Scarlets and Blacks and Blues are supposed to by for us; maybe "Earth" is the closest we get! Well, take a look at these!
(Yes, it does look like everyone's running to get there, doesn't it!) We'll start with some blues.

I have to go do other stuff now, so I'll finish this post tomorrow

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