Monday, May 03, 2010

Sheep & Wool 2010, Part Three

Phew! It's hot 'n' sticky here in Lindenwold today! More pictures, everyone! This had a sign caying that it was "Cotten", but that got taken down between one picture and the next !
Great colours, anyhow.

Just like this yarn here!

We also found Jerry Womack's Wild Meadow selling a Hand-crafted Electronic Yarn Spinner.

However, they were a little expensive - the AG thinks about $900! They did look very nice and neat, were indeed very silent as claimed in their flyer, and seemed fairly easy to use (I watched one or two visitors walk up and try their hands and succeed.

They also had some hand-dyed wool for sale, safely kept in what were possibly rabbit cages (to protect unsuspecting stall visitors ? )

Emerging from the Main Barn onto the small piece of meadow there we encountered a young lady and her lamb. I think it was learning tricks, although it seemed rather reluctant to be out on the grass!

We stopped in the small Cheese and Food barn to buy some Stony Man sheep's cheese and to collapse awhile (it was already, by 11 am, very hot). I tried a Lamb Sausage and found it mild and flavourful. We decided to stop off at the car and off-load our purchases, before returning to the fray. En route we passed the broom maker, and bought a yard broom from him. He has quite an assortment and we got one with extra stiffened bristles in the middle, especially for yard work.

As you can see from the picture on the right, the yurt (also seen in Rhinebeck last year) was here too. I wandered inside to see how it was in blazing heat (it had been warm with both doors open at Rhinebeck, where the weather was cold and rainy). It turned out to be pleasantly warm, and the two openings gave some breeze. The roof was open, giving the hot air a way out and encouraging a draft.

More of this in a while

I found a rather cool version of a bookstore up online yesterday. 101 Free Tech Books is a site that raffles off 101 books every month. You put your name in for some books and wait to see
what may happen. Maybe you win, maybe not!
Anyhow, normally you only get one chance per month, but if you have friends who will join in, then you get more chances. It's kind of a referral network, but you don't pay anything - its done by sponsorship. Of course, if you want to click on the links here and join in, it'll be me who gets referrals and more chances (just thought I'd better be honest!).

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