Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sheep & Wool 2010, Part One

Hi everyone! We've been at the Maryland Sheep & Wool today. We got there at about 7.30, and things didn't get really open until 9, so we sat in the car listening to NPR and chatting until about 8.30 and then went in. We went first to the Main Barn (although it was pretty much the furthest from the gate) because the AG needed a fix of Three Irish Girls yarn. The store carrying it was Cloverhill Yarn, because the Yarnista couldn't be there (she lives in MN now, I believe!). Anyhow, the AG bought lots of yarn, including some sets of mini skeins of all nine spring rainbow colors: this is the Yarnista's picture of them:

And I'll post up mine of thee yarn when I get the pictures out of the camera and onto the PC. For the rest of the morning we wandered around the barns, slowly getting hotter and hotter! Last year was wet wet wet! - this year has been hot hot hot! - mid- to upper eighties Fahrenheit, and hotter expected tomorrow (Sunday)!

We went to the food barn (nice and cool) and I bought some Stony Man cheese and ate some lamb sausage (very good indeed!). Then we queued for a long long time getting a t-shirt and bought a straw broom before getting back to the car.

Back at the car, hoping for AC, we find that the battery is dead and won't turn over the engine - obviously we listened to too much NPR! Oh well! Ring AAA and wait. Only about 40 minutes and the guys arrive in a minivan full of batteries! It turns out that ours is just drained, so they jump it and leave, and we sit in blessed cool for about an hour as the battery charges. Then, nice and cooled down, we go back into the melée, grab a tin mug of cola from Brians stand and then meet up with friends from Woolbearers for an afternoon stroll.

Half past four finds up leaving again. We go back to our friends' house, showerm change, and go out to visit their church, where there's a Scouting fundraiser: buy and eat donated dishes. So we buy and eat good home-made food.

Now I'm blogging this from the Marriott in Columbus, where some of our friends are staying, and working out which pictures I'm going to add to this post.

Tomorrow we will probably hit the Fairy Festival in GlenRock, PA, and then go home.

I have a friend who wants to take an Oracle exam for certification, but is blind, so I'm going to be teaching him in ten days of so. Maybe I'll take the exam too, afterwards; I've never bothered before, as I haven't ever used Oracle for more than about six months at a time before. That could be changing, of course.


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