Saturday, May 05, 2012

I Won Again !!

Two years ago I joined a kind of a book club, called 101 Free Tech Books.

About eighteen months ago I won a book on being a SQL Server DBA from 101 Free Tech Books.

Well, guess what? It happened again! This time I chose a Powershell book, 'cos I'm starting to need that more and more.

WIN FREE Tech Books!

101ftb-iconWhy pay for Tech Books when you can get them for FREE! raffles 101 Tech Books each month. Join Now

Yes - it's an advert. It's the advert for 101 Free Tech Books. Click on it and go and join! It's free, and you get books! What's more, it's totally free!!!

 One last note for this post:
We're in MD for the MD Sheep & Wool again, 
so stand by for more photos on Photobucket tomorrow!
so photos will get reduced in size and put up here - 
I went over a gig of images in 2 hours !!


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