Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rhinebeck 2009 - 2

Okay, everyone - here come the pictures!
First, the line in. This was just a snap of the people arriving at 8.15 in the morning - opening was 9 am.

Although insisted that it was 42F, it really wasn't very warm all day. For example, you may think that this is a cute picture of a bunny rabbit, but, in fact, there are three white rabbits and at least one black one, all huddled together for warmth!
Above are silk & rayon velvet scarves. We were admiring the colours as the early sun shone through them.
We were looking for Kermit, but I think he's put some weight on recently !

Here's a longer look at some of the booths in the first barn, and the display of yarn at DyeDreams.

Left is a woman's cardigan from Jan, The Village Weaver from Sugarcreek, OH. She had some really nice cardigans and sweaters - for men and women - and I really think I'll be getting one - they look gorgeous!

Right is a collection of little stuffed animals. Things like these seemed to be quite popular at the fair.

The sheep incognito pictures from Conni Tögel were here, just like at Maryland. When you go to a fair with these you have got to see them - if you have the money, buy one! They are just so funny!

Well, Blogger seems to be having upload problems here, so I'll add more in the next blog.
Meantime, you should be able to go here to see all the pictures. Unfortunately, they're in reverse order and I haven't worked out how to get pics in the order I want them yet!


Tan said...

I know I can count on you for the fastest report on any wool show! Thanks for sharing. Some day I really will go to Rhinebeck.

Michael Irwin said...

More pics soon, and I've put comments on where I know them, in the PhotoBucket album.

Michael Irwin said...

In fact, I'll be putting the rest of the pictures up in another album, so another blog, where I hope to be able to identify some more people.

ZantiMissKnit said...

I noticed that those bunnies really liked being held and cuddled also, which was very dangerous! I think my husband was falling in love with one of them.

Michael Irwin said...

and "Resistance is futile" said the borgBunny to the Energiser!

Use the memories to make him feel guilt, and he'll up your stash-allowance :)