Sunday, May 06, 2012

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2012

And welcome to the fair!

For the very fourth time - and it's Cinco de Mayo today ..... and a super-full moon. There'll be crazyness tonight - that's for sure!

The first thing seen in through the gate today was a yarn- bombed sign - it says "Sock Yarn for Sock Lovers"!

Anyhow, I'm posting just some pictures here. I'll probably not send them all up to PhotoBucket like the last few years 'cos I'm using a new (=better) camera now, and I don't think they'd appreciate a gigabytes-worth of space grabbed all-at-once! 

These two (left and below) are of the booth from the Tsock Tsarina.

 If you've never seen her extras on socks, you need to! I saw some leaves on a sock and, for a moment at a distance, thought them real!

 We kept wandering around the area uphill from the entrance for a while, looking in where people were just finishing setup.

 Below you see the shop from a guy where we bought new chopsticks.

 Next, of course, was my personal favourite - Tess !  I just love the colours and the way they drift into one another.



Courtesy of the young lady below - and her scissors - I'll be getting some brick-red socks in a few months (assuming I keep on the right side of the AG!)

So, that's all the pictures for this post. More next time.


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