Saturday, May 05, 2012

A New Addition!

 A few weeks ago the AG went out to feed the local squirrel-neighbours, and heard a stream of plaintive meows. Going to investigate, she found a tabby-and-white cat lurking loudly in the undergrowth.

Being a total softie, she picked her up and brought her in.

Later on, as I leave from work, I get a call ...
 ... to buy cat-food on the way home!

(say what??? - we don't have a cat! 
Do we?)

Well, suddenly we do. So we get to have new friends - the vets and staff at the Banfield surgery in Cherry Hill, all the staff at Country Kennel in Lindenwold, the people at PetSmart, and, of course, the development office, where we pay extra rent for her!

When we got her she weighed about four pounds and could fairly be called a Flat Cat, she was so thin. We're doing our best to "feed the 'ell out of her", so she ends up being a Fat Cat instead!

As you can see, she's tall and long - three feet long including tail!

She's also a very well-behaved cat, about a year old, and knows all about using a litter tray and a scratching post.

There'll be more pictures of her over the coming posts


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Tola said...

thanks for being so understanding. i think she's been good for us.