Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Morning After

It's ten in the morning, I'm clean and happy, and have just a light ache in the upper-right jaw. Yes! It's the day after the removal of a wisdom tooth. Many thanks to the dentist - the actual operation of taking it out took less time than filling in the pieces of paper telling them that I wasn't allergic to anything! Last night I probably violated all medical rules:
  • I went to the dentist in a fair amount of pain, but pretty well drugged to the eyeballs with OTC pain-killers.
  • After the op I came home and ate (Swedish meatballs and spuds), but was very careful to keep the gauze over the wound.
  • As the numbness wore off I replaced it with a generous amount of Speyside, much to the horror of my poor wife.
It all seemed to work, though. No hangover and little pain this morning.

For those challenged at cooking, go to your local IKEA and buy a bag of frozen meatballs! I think you can get pots of sauce too, but if not, there's a good recipe on cooks.com that will get the job done very well - my mushroom-averse son ate it and liked it! Finally, there's always the people who want jam with it! Blueberry will do fine, or redcurrant, or cranberry - just pick a jam or jelly with sourness: strawberry jam is just too sweet!


Tola said...

im going to open all the bottles so they evaporate.

Michael Irwin said...

In that case I'll be very unhappy indeed!