Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Morning After ... All Day!

In case you hadn't noticed what the weather man has been telling you about the state of US weather, the north-east had a major snow-storm last weekend. Well, we dug out on Sunday and got a second hit from a second major snow-storm yesterday and all today. Here are some pictures.

[Snowmageddon (Snow 2)]
This was last Friday and Saturday. The federal government was closed on Monday as a result. These are pictures from afterwards.

I went out in the snow, cleaned off the car, drove around a bit, and went back inside. Two hours later the snow stopped and I had this much more to clear - and that was the end of the snow!

So I went back up the way between the houses. It all looks very peaceful (left) until you realise just how much show has fallen!

And, of course, it warms and cools, so the next day the buildings have all grown icicles. Then, on Monday morning, there's a terrible banging and you think that the house is being demolished. You go to the door and a man with a very long pole yells at you to close the door and stay in, just as a heap of ice hits the path in front of your toes! He's going around knocking the icicles off the houses.

Of course, the icicles above the balcony were too high, so they survived.

A few more hours.

[Snowpocalypse (Snow 3)]
So all that left us feeling rather blasé about snow. We'd already had over a foot in December, just before Christmas, so another 18" was respectable, but certainly within our ability to withstand! Monday night we started seeing dire warnings about the next few days and snow. Tuesday dawned sunny and it really wasn't until about 4 pm that the snow-laden grey clouds started rolling in and hazing the sun.

So we went and met friends in Haddonfield for Stitch 'n' Bitch and the snow wasn't anywhere to be seen. I went for food and returned and was in the middle of saying
"it hasn't started yet" when one of the others broke in to say "It has, you know!" and pointed out of the window.

And she was right! In just a few seconds it has gone from a cold damp night to a night full of falling white bits.

It snowed continuously all day today. It started, like last night, with great big heavy wet flakes, weighing down the trees.

Obviously, this appears to be my Brief Blue Period! The predominant colour reflects my feelings about the weather at 7 pm this evening - very fed up with snow!

So much for the Blue Period! Three hours later the snow was still falling, although for only another hour. The total is reckoned at about 16". On top of the 18" or so just three days ago.


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