Monday, April 16, 2007

Global Warming or Freezing ?

Global Something in this part of the globe, anyway. In England they were "suffering" from temperatures of 26C (78F) just a few days ago.

This morning I was awoken by the school phone chain telling me that the Offspring's school would be cancelled. "hunh" said I with famous aplomb to the voice at the other end (luckily someone I know well) and was informed that it was going to be a Snow Day. No school buses were running. So what I said - the Offspring doesn't take the bus - he's forbidden from taking the bus !

"Oh well" said the Voice, it seems like the middle of town is flooded and the buses can't get through".

"Nobody but little old ladies in little old houses lives in the middle of town, " I said: "what's to stop the driver taking the scenic route?" "Not allowed to change the route !" was the reply ! Oh well, I thought, consigned the Offspring to another 30 mins of sleep, and did the same myself.

By the time the 30 mins had passed and I was showered and hauling the Offspring out of bed, I could stick his nose up against the window pane to look at the vast numbers of swirling white mega-flakes blowing past and say "See !!! Look !!! Snow. That makes it a real Snow Day !!!". By the time he got back from the shower, though, the snow white was all gone and the rain was back.

Still a Snow Day, with the buses grounded. So we headed off to his grandmother's and baled their basement all day. Hard work that, walking up and down stairs all day with buckets full of water.

Now I can rest, relax, and do some programming that'll help brush up my VB.NET 2 skills some more. I love programming - I just can't get enough of it. I have to confess to being a code junkie. I really like writing the stuff. Still, aside from the occasional lapse, I'm going to resist turning this into a Geek's Hangout. Maybe you'll see items here on knitting, spinning, and tapestry soon, or the problems of buying a new car ! Whatever it is, be sure that I'll be having fun doing it.

Thanks very much to Sarah and Diane who posted comments to my post of them many months ago: you boost my ego in the nicest of ways !

Late Addition

Sorry - this was here, but not written about. For good info on weather stuff, please go here and read, learn, and inwardly digest (as my teachers always used to say !)


Sarah said...

Snow? Goodness. It was nearly 30°C here today! We've gone from boots to flip-flops in the space of 24 hours. Weird!

Le Mike said...

y'see ? that's what comes of leaving us males in charge of gathering & burning the camp fires these last 200,000 years ...... it's the accumulation of 190,000 years of burning mammoth-flesh that's left grease particles in the atmosphere, and all the soot's sticking to that !