Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Love Al Stewart ('s Music !)

I got an envelope from England today with a CD in it. Well, so ? you might say. Well, I lost a few CDs a while ago, and eBay has been the way I've managed to get copies of them again. Sometimes they can be very expensive, and sometimes not.

I just got hold of Al Stewart's "Between the Wars", which seems amazingly rare for such a good CD. I've seen a lot of copies going for $40 and $50 or more, which is startling ! I got this one for about $15 including shipping from the UK to America, which was nice. Cheaper, in fact, than the CD was to buy originally.

Today was warmer than yesterday, and my in-laws' basements didn't flood any more than they did yesterday, which was good news. It's been very wet here in New Jersey these last few weeks. I could do with a holiday in somewhere dry. Like California, for instance, or Utah ...

I'll continue this a little later, but, for now, greetings to all those who take a read before going to bed. Sleep well !


Tola said...

Al Stewart has such a soothing voice. Nothing like his cousin Rod's!

Le Mike said...

too right, Tola. He's also gone beyond the love songs of his ground-breaking youth and sings to us about things we should know and/or not forget, in ways that we can remember - like this album "Between the Wars".