Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut: 1922 - 2007

Thanks to " Today" for this. It's a piece of the
past for, I'm sure, many of us.
Mark Flanagan of says:
Kurt Vonnegut passed away yesterday at 84 years old. 84
years is a long time for anyone, but Vonnegut often seemed
frankly amazed at his longevity. He was, famously, a heavy
smoker and prone to depression. It's interesting how often
our great artists, who contribute so much to people's health
and happiness, live lives that seem short on both.

New Jersey is, as many know to their cost, a heavily taxed
state. In fact, one could term it a "State of Transitory
Wealth", considering how much goes to the state in
Trenton. Here where I live we just got a reassessment
of out properties. Mine about doubled, which is lots more
than the real increase in value. However, you can't appeal
it unless you can show that the new value is at least 15%
above or below the average for similar properties around
last October. Difficult as nobody was selling then !

I got an email from Blogger that I had a comment, but the
comment hasn't shown up yet !. hmmmmm. Oh well.
It was from Tina Ernstrom, the photographer for the Messiah
production that I mentioned. Apparently I was being
particularly blind, and all the preview pics are still
there. Sorry !

For the DVDs talk to John Ribera (

Interesting Blogger feature: I've selected Trebuchet
as a font today. I have to do all my line-wraps by hand !!

Have fun everyone.

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