Sunday, May 04, 2014

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2014 (2)

Today we were back at the Fest, as we are pretty much every year.
So today we went with a friend, Anna, who was a complete newbie to the fair. We left Delran at about 5 am and got to the fairgrounds at about ten past seven, in good time to get an excellent parking spot.
Walking up the path to the entrance we realised that someone had already put in an amazing amount of work this year! The whole walk was yarn-bombed!! The two pictures above show each side, and there's a few close-ups later on.

Instead of making a bee-line straight to the main (and furthest) barn for the Clover Hill stall, this year we headed straight ahead and worked the area at the top of the hill. After lending a (very little) hand helping set up an auction, the girls polished off Sheep Incognito (brilliant, as always, and the subject of attention from the local PBS station) and I hit Tess Yarns to remind my camera just what colour is!

More in an hour or so!

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