Monday, September 27, 2010

New Socks!!

I got a new pair of socks!

The marvelous AG sent me to get yarn a few months ago and I got some Noro Kureyon (S148). As a result she handed me these this afternoon.

They're quite weird: they're thin and quite tight to begin with, but stretched out nicely. They're definitely very comfortable and nice and warm.

However, I would offer this health warning: the coefficient of friction between this yarn, when knitted-up, and a surface like a linoleum floor is as near to zero as makes no odds.

(Layman's Translation: wearing just these into the kitchen without caution may result in you being very quickly a**e over t**s !!)

Oh yes - and I do like the colours, despite what the AG was worrying about in advance. They'll be on show on Tuesday!

So happy at getting new socks this evening, I tried my hand at a form of saganiki (fried appetiser) called tiganiti (fried cheese; usually feta). The Wikipedia page has a good picture of a square piece - I did mine in slices, but they looked the same. It was a little saltier than I'd recalled, but ace all the same. No pictures, I'm afraid - I was hungry!

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Tola said...

sorry they took so long. and i need a break from Noro sock yarn for a turn or two.