Monday, January 11, 2010

Re-installing Windows Continues

Obviously I'm getting spoilt by Linux. You know, how the Update Manager pops up every now and then and tells you that there are updates waiting, so you do them and, ten minutes later, you're done? I'd totally forgotten howlong Windows updates take! Of course, I've just added Win XP SP3, so now I'm automagically getting every security update under the sun!Right now I'm on number 27 of 59, Win Genuine Advantage Notifications is finishing, and Logitech's installer is waiting on a system re-boot. Needless to say, I declined to be shown some of the many advantages to using genuine Windows software - too slow!

So, after 3 hours, Windows updates are complete and I can reboot. Whoopee! 11:53:40. Press the magic button. ... 11:54:27 ... it's back. Wow! Who says Windows takes a long time to boot? Mind you, just wait until I install SQL Server again!

Now it's time to install Avast! again. That'll take about five mins or so and then I'll be able to restart again! I've lost count of how many times now, but this one won't be quick, because Avast! will be doing a boot-time complete scan. At least most of the disk is empty - I'd hate to do it on a full disk! ...... yup! That took about 30 minutes to get to the music. Still, everything is clear and Windows should stop whimpering that I'm not protected by anything now.

Ok. Now it's tomorrow, we didn't have power, and I'm done with Windows. I've installed Sun's VirtualBox, and I'm (I hope) all ready for Oracle's OTN day in NYC tomorrow. I have to get up way before the lark to get there for the start at 8 a.m., but one has to be dedicated !


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