Friday, December 09, 2016

An email I got from my favourite PC Maker!

Guess what System-76 sent me ... some code!!

michael@system76-computer:~$ sudo apt upgrade
[sudo] password for michael:
Package: laptops-desktops
Laptops calculating price... Done
    Lemur/Gazelle/Kudu: up to $155 off
    Oryx Pro: up to $265
    Serval/Bonobo: up to $285 off
Desktops calculating price... Done
    Meerkat: up to $155 off
    Sable/Wild Dog/Leopard: up to $130 off
    Silverback: up to $390 off

Description-en: This is a "System76 sale description" package. Powerful linux machines are on sale now. Plus you can receive an even greater discount depending on your component upgrade.

Do you want to continue? [Y/n]

Yeah - this reads like an advert - their advert! However, as the very happy owner of a System-76 Bonobo since November 2011 - a machine that is still among the fastest I have ever seen - I'm happy to recommend their computers - and take not one ha'penny for it!


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