Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sheepless in Seattle

Somewhat of a corny title, but what the heck!

Here's a warning - this is full of pictures and Blogger doesn't seem to control pictures very well any more. For that reason you should play with the screen width to get the lines right!

At the end of last October my wife and I travelled across the country from Philadelphia to Tacoma in Washington. Yes! You know it !! The home of Galloping Gertie!
This (right) is what happens when a bridge gets to undulating along its length (like hills coming towards you along the road) and also, at the same time, develops a cork-screwing motion (think of grabbing the ends and twisting them in opposite directions!).

Anyhow, such things don't happen in Tacoma any more - it's a nice quiet place. So nice, in face, that many of the AG's relatives have settled in the area from Seattle to Portland, and so we went to visit. I also have some friends there, so we did more of the visiting lark. Finally, as we were where we were, we also went for a visit to Vancouver.

On the very final day of October we arrived in Portland and went to visit Twisted yarns there!

It's a nice, large, airy store with a huge amount of yarn!

And needles!

And books!

In fact, there's so much that it seems to be trying to come out to join you as you sit on the comfy couches!

 And finally two more photos of the yarn. We also met with a good friend of ours, a one-time Knitting PodCastStar ans more recently blown (literally) from her home and out to the west coast.

And here's the beautiful Lady of the Store, to whom we extend thanks for allowing us to take all these photos!

Could we go south without visiting Voodoo Doughnut?

Enough said - right???


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