Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Very Brief Message

We've moved! From New Jersey all the way to Hanahan, just outside Charleston, in South Carolina. It seems nice so far ... quiet development, nice people, friendly wildlife (birds, squirrels, alligators), although we'll refrain from swimming in their reservoir if they refrain from coming inside snap-range! The weather is nice too (sunny - what else, it's summer!), although that may end up being too much of a good thing later on. The first truck is about 3/4ers unpacked, and we'll be going back in a month or so to get the rest.

The To-Do list at the moment includes things like "Finish clearing truck", "Construct bed", "Get living area planned", and "Find whatever we need in the boxes" (of which there seem to be many more that I remember filling in NJ. Do they multiply under the conditions in moving (repeated vibrations, being hot, being close together, being unobserved) ?

More when I unearth a camera!


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