Sunday, February 06, 2011

PhotoShoot Catchup

The last few blogs have been totally text, which can be a little boring. Now I hope to make some amends! Also, I promise to add pictures of food in future - and maybe edit old posts to include photos of the food as I re-make them. Ok, now you know one of my New Year's Resolutions!

So, to start off withm here's some yarn that's waiting for the AG to come back and see to.

Three Irish Girls produced the first three: Maeve to the left, Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree to the right, and Maureen below,

Left are two balls of Pretty Pirate from The Yarn Pirate: on the right is the AG sitting in the only chair in the house, with knitting and PB to the fore.
In Pery's Hotel in Limerick they're mirrored the lift - a surprise!

On the N18 between Shannon airport and Limerick you pass a castle ... nothing unusual, in a country where anyone who wanted to see their children grow up lived in something like this (not so big, maybe, but anyway ...). 
Bunratty it is (left) and it offers special period evening dinners (somewhat better than Medieval Times, possibly because of the setting).
In the village you find Durty Nellie's pub and (especially for the AG), Blarney Woollen Mills (although Blarney Castle is over 100 kilometres away, in Co. Cork, not here in Co. Clare!

Left is the bar, and right the safety features (or the escape-prevention features, although with the food and drink on offer it's more likely needed to keep people out!


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Tola said...

i saw different sights, as i drove with Charles through Wales, crossed the Irish Sea on a ferry, and drove some more from Dublin to Limerick. it may have been a 16 hour trip, but i enjoyed it much more than i would have had i flown!