Monday, December 27, 2010

Later That Night ...

New Jersey declared a State of Emergency, but we were already out and looking around, as most of the local crazies were off the roads. Here are a couple of pictures of The King's Highway in Haddonfield.

 This is stitched together from three images.

As you can imagine, it was rather cold. It was also very windy, with a lot of snow blowing around - hence the shakes in the camera!
You don't see the snow in most of these pictures, despite the long exposure times, but here (left) I had turned the camera off and on again and forgotten to turn off the flash! Snowflakes are amazingly good at reflecting light!

Below is a set of three pictures of a house display where the lights weren't flashing, but the colours were cycling nicely.

So we came home (everywhere was closed, excepting 7-11 and Wawa) to have a snack. 

Near where we live one guy has some decorations up - no! that isn't the afternoon sun! It's a halogen street-lamp!

Took one picture of the edge of my building as I came home. There's a large light at the corner of the building, which is causing the lens flare.

 So, the weather report says that there's about 18 inches of snow near Atlantic City (since around noon), which is a sustained rate of about two inches an hour. It's about half that where I live, maybe a little less. Even so, work will definitely be done with tele-commuting tomorrow!

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