Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another week over and .... boom!

No posts last weekend as I packed the wife and offspring off to visit her brother & niece in New York (state, not city) and was able to do quiet, restful things like visiting the local farmers' market for bread and other goodies (much better than eating the supermarket sliced!).

Saw the season opener of "Wire in the Blood" last night on BBC America. I don't know how old these are from England (a year, perhaps) but they're definitely one of the best thrillers around right now, on a par with a good Sherlock Holmes. Certainly not kiddies stuff, though.

So the Chinese now are asking for sanctions against the North Koreans. Ask yourselves: what earthly effect will sanctions have on a country that is willing to let its citizens die in order to have self-sufficiency ? Sanctions worked in Rhodesia, but took how long ? 10 years ? Likewise in South Africa ! How long do you think North Korea, which has no legitimate trade anyway, will survive without trade ? I suppose one could blocade the ports and seal the two borders, but that would only starve the workforce, not impact the leadership. Not that the people aren't starving anyway ... Perhaps massive deliveries of food directly to the people might help. hmm.

To end, a valedictory exhortation: eat more walnuts


Helen said...

Why walnuts? Do they fend off excessive hair or corrupt dictatorships?

Just thought I'd check out your blog as 'the male' who commented on my waxing! Nice work Le Mike.

Le Mike said...

"'the male'" hee-hee-hee !!!! :->)

I'm famous (or, at least, still capable of raising a ready-to-be-interested eyebrow a millimetre or two). I would admit to some experience in shaving long lengths, but it probably wouldn't be appropriate in polite company to go further into the subject.

The Walnuts can be found at
and, more recently, at

I must say, Helen, that both you and Sarah set a pretty high standard in English composition ! I'll admit to having completed my formal English education at the age of 15 (by completing both "O"-level exams a year early), and, since then, have spend several years (on and off) writing manuals for software companies.

Sometimes these aren't easy - I had one that was analysed as requiring a grade level education of 16 (= 22-year-old). US grade school ends at 12 (18-year-olds) ! Still, I find it difficult to come up with something fresh to say twice a week or more.

I look forward to your future comments on my efforts (harsh or otherwise).