Sunday, August 22, 2010

Busy Month

Well that's been a busy month, that has! I've been hard at work all day and studying for a lot of the evenings too. Hence the utter lack of a squeak from me.

[Tech Stuff]
I've been doing a lot of studying recently, mainly on SQL Server things but some Oracle too. The most visible result - aside from me appearing tired out half the time - is that the links on this blog have split, spawning a Tech Links section. This is because I use this blog as a hub where I know I can find the most important places to go and read and relax, and sometimes it just has to be somewhat work-related.

So recently I've been the beneficiary of webinars from quite a few well-known luminaries in the field, including Brent Ozar, recently of Quest and now of SQLSkills, Brian and Devin Knight of PragmaticWorks, and Kevin Kline of Quest, amongst others. My brain is definitely moving in the right direction, but boy does it hurt at times !

[Not Tech]
We visited The Fudge Shop in Flemington (on Rt 202 in NJ) again today, and spent way too much on chocolate. There's only one problem with that place - it's not too far away to go to when one really needs a chocolate fix! They hand-make all their own things - today there was a guy just behind the counter making chocolate bricks! - and the aroma that hits you as you walk in is as tangible as a brick wall! If you like chocolate, GO THERE!

My son and the ex are down at the shore on LBI this week, so the weather's suddenly getting less oppressive - and the water's about 80F - ! Hopefully we'll be able to go to the PA Rennaissance Faire in September; I know that my son's eagerly looking forward to seeing Barely Balanced again and, to be honest, so am I. The RenFaire crowd are all happy and friendly, despite the huge numbers of people there every weekend, and BB are just one of the acts that stand out.

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