Friday, March 12, 2010

SQL & Saturday

I was going to have a rant today on why I think the political setup in this country doesn't work (which it obviously doesn't, given the inability of Congress to pass legislation to fix the health care situation). But I'm not going to bother, as it wouldn't do any good whatsoever. The political establishment in this country has taken a very nicely designed system and, because the two sides are able to put nearly-equal numbers of representatives into each house, the whole system has ground to a halt.

The system is designed to stop one side with a large majority from taking over the system entirely, giving the other side no further hope. With the two sides so polarised, as they are now, and with the "middle" either apathetic or equally split, we have a system where nothing gets done at all.

So I'm going back to repairing my bed - which fell apart again because the screws won't hold into wood that's dried out over 35 years of use - and trying to work out some sort of furniture for a kitchen that is more like a closet than anything else. Americans, they say, are spending less and less time in the kitchen. I'm not surprised! The kitchens these days are too small to swing a kitten in, let alone a dwarf cat!

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