Tuesday, July 14, 2009


No, not Raymond Burke's Connections. Just a heap of links that need to see the light of day for others to enjoy.

To the right, a picture by Richard Heeks, of Exeter, England, of the instant that a bubble is burst. It appears in The Telegraph, and is credited to Bancroft Media.

Network Monitoring Tools
Not something that everyone needs, but when you do, you really do !

Getting Your EMail
When you move your ISP, or it changes (e.g. is bought) you have to set up your email client yet again ... these are the magic incantations to type in to tell it where to go to get your email for you.

Swamp Soccer
The utter futility of it all boggles the mind, but it's still hilarious to watch.

Techie on the Web
The W3 site is the ultimate reference - watch out for HTML5!

Some Really Cool Software for Graphics and Web Page Design
Yeah, yeah, yeah [yawn] - so you've heard it all before. Okay already! Take a look anyhow. It's seriously neat stuff.

They Really Do Have Better TV in England !
Keep your eyes on the model - and the truth! (and "Yaah! Boo! Sucks !" to all you American puritans and prudes !)

Did It Really Say That ?
All these here just to show that maybe that sign really did say what you read - not what you expected to read!

When You Don't Get to Where You Thought You Were Going
An unfortunately common experience on the InterNet (should we all blame Al Gore ?), but some people are creatively trying to improve your day !


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