Sunday, January 11, 2009

Memories of Wool

Here is another pair of visits to the woolly community that we made last year (2008). Please excuse the gaping spaces in the blog text - the Google-Gremlins are attacking my HTML, possibly because I'm trying to do by hand what the Google-team want to do for you.

Firstly, with where some of the wool comes from.

Foxbriar Farm

Almost a year ago we went out to a small town called Tabernacle, near Mt. Holly in NJ, and visited a couple who were running an Alpaca farm. They're not the only ones here in the area with unusual animals, but I thought I'd feature them here.

Next, here's some pictures of a really good shop. They have a large selection of yarns and a huge selection of buttons. They're in the Germantown part of Philadelphia, right on a bus route for convenience. As you can see, there's a plaque stating just how historic the building is.

The Knit With Yarns.

To the right, the shop's shingle makes it clear what's inside: below you see the tag on the building - it's been here for quite a while !

Just a few buttons in stock, for any cardigan you could dream of !

Yarn falling from the ceiling - there's really a lot of wool here.

There'll be more pictures up in just a few days, but first I have to do some programming !


Heather said...

Wow, what lovely places!

Michael Irwin said...

Hi Heather! There's more coming, now I'm out from under waaay too much work !